Living at the golf course forever

A real estate in a sunny vacation area, nearby the golf course or even directly i a resort. Whether just for vacation or as a permanent place of retreat. Here you can find out what to consider if you want to find the right golf course property for you:  

...sun and the climatic conditions

When you choose your golf destination, you should pay particular attention to the local climatic conditions: About 350 days of sunshine per year and average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius sounds fantastic and it is, but it can also be exhausting. When you choose your destination please pay attention to comfortable climatic conditions. In Croatia and Italy, you benefit from decent and maritime conditions. The change of season is like the one at home, only with a longer lasting summertime. A noticeable change in the seasons is crucial for many emigrants. Not just because of that South France, Tuscany or similar places count to the most popular emigration destinations. The south European weather is great for golfing from March until November. Another benefit is: In particular from the south of Germany you are able to reach your golf destination comfortable by car. In addition to that, you are extremely flexible to transport golf baggage safely to your destination.

…the golf course and its expansion

When searching your dream property in proximity to the golf resort you should especially pay attention to the specific expansion of the golf course. Does the golf course suit you? Are eighteen holes enough for you? Are you still able to play nine holes relaxed before sunset or is the situation of the golf course not designed for that? Besides nine- and eighteen-hole courts, our golf courses in Italy and Croatia offer much more on-top-services for you and your family. Learn more here:  Italy |  Croatia

…the search- and buying process in the European abroad

Do you really want to start the search for your dream property, the buying process and the whole transaction? Don’t be a lone wolve! We support you with the search, we can give you advice for the financing and notarial certification for the European abroad and we will assist you in an advisory capacity after acquisition.
You can sit back and relax, while we take care of he rest.

...Rental and return on investment

You think about to investing in a real estate on the golf course because you do not want to use the property only for your private use? Rhater than an investment to generate returns?

It is a wise investment.

Nevertheless, online portals do not make it easy as it seems to be. Because we don't just want to promise designer accommodation usually goes hand in hand with extensive and high-class service - which your guests expect as a basic requirement in this case. Fairwayimmo has got you covered. The entire marketing and leasing process will be managed for your. The rental takes place in a target group-orientated manner in order to address the right clientele. Here, too, you take advantage from our all-round carefree service, because your dream property should be your refuge and not cause additional expenses. You lean back - we take care of the rest.

Are you interested in detailed insights of the return potential and an overview of the expected rental income from the golf course property in Italy or Croatia? Feel free to contact us and let the Fairwayimmo team advise you: Contact

What does the offer really include? Inclusive service

When buying a property on the golf course, care is required: Is the membership for the gold club included? Does the offer also include the use of the sports and wellness center? Can you and your family use additional sports such as tennis courts or additional leisure activities free of charge? The included services are often negotiable - let professionals advise you and benefit from the result of the consultation you speak the national language?

Surely you probably know this from one or the other vacation in a country with a foreign language: It is no duty at all to be able to speak the language fluently, but the hosts are happy when a friendly "good morning" or a "thank you" are spoken in the local language. Especially, if you are considering to buy property abroad, you should play with the idea of knowing at least the most important vocabulary. You can find it in our download area so that you don't have a lot of work and can get started right away. We prepared a little summary with vocabulary so that you are able to leave the right impression in your new second home. Download area

…more than just golf?

Culture, beach, sports and more: What do you want most from your golf destination? Always remember: Generally speaking, you do not travel alone and your partner or children, relatives, friends or acquaintances may not be as interested in golf as you are. As a consequence, we also need to focus on other necessities: Would you like a beach around the corner or do you prefer a spacious (private) pool? Which cities are in the vicinity? Do you find historical, cultural and extensive shopping options here just as you wish? Everything about the "... more than just golf" offer of our golf courses can be found here: Italy | Croatia