Croatia - The destination, the cuisine & more

...wonderful bathing bays with crystal clear water and impressive nature make Croatia to one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.
With its long coastline on the Adriatic Sea, the "land of 1000 islands" fascinates over 10 million visitors every year with over 200 days of sunshine, picturesque beaches and natural paradises. There is also a lot to discover in historical terms in the Eastern European country.
The most popular metropolis of Zadar in northern Dalmatia, for example, has a great treasure trove of sights within its city walls. In addition to several churches from the time of the Venetians, the oldest fortified church in Croatia, the "Sveti Donat" from the ninth century, stands on the "Forum Romanorum", the former main square of the Romans. Right next to it is the city's archaeological museum with numerous remains from Roman times and treasures from other eras. In general, it can be claimed that the roots of the culture of the holiday destination Croatia reach far into the past and were mainly influenced by the complex West European culture.
Croatian cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Depending on the region you are in, a wide variety of Croatian specialties await you.

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The port city Zadar is located on a peninsula in the south of Croatia. Around 300 small and larger islands are lined up in a chain structure around the city of about 73,000 habitants in the northern Dalmatia. This makes Zadar to one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Discover the antique culture in the city’s Archeological Museum and experience the works of modern architecture such as one of the first sea organ of the world and the “greeting to the sun”. In addition, there are special sights such as the Romanic Forum, the former palace of the priors, the archbishop’s palace and the new market hall.

Do you prefer nature? Outside the city you can rent a car to enjoy the spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea at a coastal tour. Many little bays invite to a relaxing stopover in northern Dalmatia. Other beauties such as the very popular natural paradise Plitvice Lakes and Velika Paklenica can be reached in less than two hours.

All in all, Zadar is an excellent place for your holiday property. Get out of the daily routine - welcome to your new second home

The cuisine

Croatia’s delicious specialties differ from region to region. In Dalmatia for example, freshly caught fish is part of almost all dishes due to its proximity to the sea. The fish is often combined with healthy vegetables. You should not miss the Dalmatian ham Prosciutto or cheese from the island Pag!

In the regions Istria and Kvarner the Croatian food has a Mediterranean touch. Especially on the coast of the region you will often discover Pizza and Pasta on the menu card. But also meat in all variations is served here, such as Wiener Schnitzel. The further you distance from the coast, the more hearty the Croatian cuisine becomes. Here you should definitely try the tasty stews or a spicy goulash.

In the inland, continental cuisine will be served. They often consist of a large portion of meat, which is prepared in the most different variations. One of the most popular meals are the spicy minced meat rolls Cevapcici for locals and tourists. But also stews or traditional sausages, which are served with freshly baked bread, are popular Croatian dishes. A glass of Croatian wine or a beer (Pivo) is usually served with the delicious dishes. Taste through the extensive offer and decide for yourself which dish can win your heart. 

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